Direct from the Loom


The practical style of the hammam towel is what we fell in love with when we sourced our first bright, stripey batch from the Aegean region of Turkey. Colourful and soft, lightweight and versatile their many uses translate perfectly into our spirited outdoor lifestyle in Cornwall.

Using traditional wooden looms our artisan producer Rasim works alongside a small team creating the highest quality hammam towels.

Turkish loom

Traditional weaving in Turkey for ebbflowcornwall

Rasim sources the best Aegean cotton which is soft, strong and perfect for a quick drying towel. 

Cotton spools, Aegean cotton for Ebb Flow CornwallEbb Flow Cornwall hammam towels

The fringing is hand-knotted using century old techniques. 

Hand knotted fringing on hammam towel made in Turkey
Hand knotting fringing on hammam towel made in Turkey for Ebb Flow Cornwall

Dating back more than 600 years, the name hammam towel comes from the traditional use to cover the body and to dry off in the Hammam. Today they are shown to have stood the test of time remaining ever practical and versatile.

Here in Cornwall we wouldn't be without our trusty hammam towel. From taking it to the beach in the summer, wrapping it around us in the winter, packing it into our backpacks and getting out on everyday adventures, it is our essential companion.




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