Morvah Fireside Socks


Treat your feet to an outing in our super soft rib cushion loop Alpaca Socks. Designed for outdoor wear or as slouch socks for lounging around at home, pull them on and tuck them into a boot for a windy walk, or snuggle them on by the fireside for some extra cosy hygge feels. 

Made from a long lasting alpaca blend, they are insulating and extremely comfortable and can be cold machine washed and dried.

The alpaca content provides sweat-wicking properties and the sock is designed with just enough elasticity to ensure a perfect fit and durable shape.

Once treasured by Inca nobility for its silky softness, weightless warmth and durability, alpaca continues to be an excellent choice for socks, scarves, gloves or any clothing which needs to be worn directly next to the skin.

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